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Work Philosophy. The underlying philosophy that drives our Organization is to work closely with our customers, examine their needs and pain points, explore market for the best fit solutions, choose one, simplify and implement to give our customers the one that best meets their requirements.

What we do. We are an Organisation that has “evolved” from need for unique solutions to unique problems from our unique customers. We look forward to challenging assignments involving solutions which are critical to our customers, exciting to us and have scope for simplicity. The “understanding of needs” often leads us in to prolonged engagement with potential customers before we come up with a solution and it’s not uncommon that we may even fail. Failure, for us, is as valuable as success, as it takes us a step forward in our journey to Evolution. We thus get in to our customer’s shoes, walk with them through their ground level operational needs and carry out extensive research and there after Evolve innovative, simple and practical solution and deploy.

How we do it. Once the need is identified, we involve our in house research teams to search for best fit technology that is nearest to the desired solution, work towards adapting it to problem in context utilising years of experience of our people in Technology, Management, Operations and Commercials domain. In house software engineers, project management professionals duly supported by the quality and design teams deliver truly world class solutions not commonly associated with start-ups. Once committed to an engagement, we believe in “do it right the first time”. For us, our Customers’ time is precious resource that should be spent in reaping fruits from our solutions, and not in Evolving them. Evolving Solutions is our business.